CEO, Patty Beach

Patty brings her 20+ years of experience working with visionary leaders in the areas of publicity, strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and membership growth. She is most passionate about helping the next big stars monetize their brands and stand out as leaders in their industry.

She prides herself Champion for her clients.  Even though like many people out there who have struggled with anxiety and depression on and off for years, some of which is due to PTSD, she has a positive mindset that makes her determined, resilient, and downright unstoppable.

Backstory Excerpt

Patty Beach is a woman with a story fit for a Lifetime movie. Unlike the typical rags to riches stories you hear from other women entrepreneurs, I have battled back through tragedy, illness, and fear to take a stand as a woman.  

Credentials & Experience


  • Masters in Business Administration & Management
  • Bachelors in Business Management & Office Administration
  • Associates in Public Relations, Journalism, and Media Relations
  • Associates in Office Staging & Design
  • Associates in Business & Marketing Strategy


  • Master Certified Public Relations & Digital Media
  • Master Certified Online Business Manager
  • Master Certified Executive Virtual Assistant
  • Certified Business Administrative Consultant
  • Certified Public Relations & Media Expert
  • Certified Social Media Manager
  • Certified Business Strategist


  • 20+ years as a serial entrepreneur
  • Board of Directors Member Office Of Technology at STCC
  • Speaker at Administrative Conference of America
  • Speaker at Business West, Virtual Administration Conference
  • Thrive Global / Medium Contributor
  • HUFFPOST Contributor
  • On Mogul Contributor
  • Columnist at Daring Woman Media
  • Columnist at We Are Beautiful Magazine & Entrepreneurs


Fun Facts

  • Katherine Parr the 6th wife of Henry VIII is a cousin
  • I'm obsessed with Gone With The Wind and Breakfast At Tiffany's
  • I love classic Hollywood 
  • I cried when Lucille Ball and Elizabeth Taylor passed away
  • I keep a six-pound bag of Black Forest Gummy Bears in my room
  • My world is 50 Shades of Pink, Black, and Grey 
  • I own a non-spotted Appaloosa named Midnight Autumn
  • I love Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, and the Tudor History to name a few.