HAUTE PINK PR offers AUTHORS & SPEAKERS the chance to work with a publicist and booking agent for 12 months stress-free.
So, what does an annual  HAUTE PINKPRENEURS INNER CIRCLE membership include?

Our team will manage bookings, interviews, launches, releases, etc. on your calendar for the year.
We will email you reminders for upcoming deadlines, interviews, bookings, etc.

Every 3 months (1x per quarter) we audit your bios online to ensure the information is up to date including new books, new events, etc. and make sure that there are no broken links or outdated information.

A private workspace through Asana & Slack to communicate with your team.

Author/Speaker Folders that contain all your materials for easy access to you and your team. No more hunting or stress on where to find your one-sheets, your bios, headshots, book covers, blurbs, reviews, testimonials, excerpts, buy links, book or event trailers, video interviews, podcasts, etc. We’ll keep it all organized and ready for any pitch, guest blog post, interview, newsletter, etc.

We set up and monitor Google alerts for all your name, your brand, your books, events, and pass along PR-worthy reviews to you. BONUS: PR-worthy reviews, shout outs, etc. we prepare and distribute a press release referencing the information!

Your membership also gives you 20% savings on our all A la Carte services – see our Menu of Services We offer flat fee services ranging from designing speaker/author one-sheets, promotional materials, writing author/speaker newsletters, authoritative blog posts, press releases, hosting book parties on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more to specialized virtual tours!

Speaker/Author page at our new HAUTE PINKPRENEURS website (Opening February 14, 2018) – VIP only

Featured HAUTE PINK PR spotlight on our website and all social networks – VIP only

Send press releases out for your events, launches, tours, speaking gigs, etc. – VIP only

We’re always building the HAUTE PINKPRENEURS social network, which means reach of your services, your events, your books, and you will continue to grow. Not to mention all members are including in our social marketing and networking through our newsletter, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Communities, Instagram, Good Reads, Daring Woman Media, and many many more.


From the moment you enroll in this one of a kind membership, you are no longer alone. You’ve got a team behind the scenes to help you keep your interview, booking, and promotions all straight and have you looking like the superstar we know you are.

Being an author, speaker, and entrepreneur ourselves, we know the expense of hiring a part-time assistant never mind a full-time isn’t in everyone’s budget, but being a member of the HAUTE PINKPRENEURS INNER CIRCLE is so affordable and you can always pay as you go from our flat fee options if you choose. 

What’s the cost is the obvious question?
Your HAUTE PINKPRENEURS INNER CIRCLE  member is very affordable for less than $45 a month you can have all this and more as we are adding new benefits to the circle all the time.

HAUTE PINK PR offers an annual membership for $500 or a VIP annual membership for $1497

Your inner circle membership entitles you to all of the support listed above, as well as access to our Menu of Services. Our goal is to help you free up time and relieve some of the stress so that you can do what you love to do most!

Your Next Step to join the HAUTE PINKPRENEURS INNER CIRCLE is easy as 1 -2 – 3.

#1 – Choose your membership type standard or VIP.

#2 – Enroll in the membership of your choice (Standard) or (VIP)

#3 – Complete your NEW MEMBER PROFILE

That’s it!

What we do next is . . .
Once you’ve enrolled in the membership of your choice we’ll contact you to get all your upcoming important dates, events, releases, and discuss your plans for the year. 

And then?

  • We set up your workspace and communication channel using Asana & Slack
  • We access or set up a calendar for you and plug all the information into it
  • Send email reminders per your request
  • We will download and archive all materials, podcasts, interviews, etc. 

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